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Accessible Bathrooms

Minnesota bathroom remodel with wheelchair accessible shower

Accessible Bathroom Remodels: Elevate Your Space with Inclusive Design.

Venture mobility specializes in creating accessible bathroom spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with elegant design. Our handicap accessible bathrooms are thoughtfully crafted to enhance not just physical accessibility but also the overall aesthetics and comfort of your bathroom. When you need an accessible bathroom remodel in Minnesota, you can count on our expertise to help you create a room that perfectly meets your needs.

We believe that accessibility should never cause you to have to compromise on style. At Venture Mobility, we work closely with you to help you find a design that fits your personality, aesthetic, and budget. Our approach to accessible bathroom remodels in Minnesota combines innovative design solutions with a deep understanding of mobility needs. Whether you’re looking to create a more universally designed space, or need to create a room to meet specific handicap requirements, we’re here to transform your vision into reality.

Barrier Free Showers

Stylish and wheelchair accessible showers eliminate barriers, providing easy access for individuals with mobility aids.

Wheelchair accessible shower in Minnesota.
Walk-in bathtub with handicap accessibility in Minnesota home.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs give you the option of a luxurious bathing experience when you can no longer use a standard bathtub. Enjoy a hot bath or even whirlpool jets and bubbles!

Customizable Grab Bars

Thoughtfully placed grab bars that blend beautifully with bathrooms aesthetic offers both safety and style for your accessible bathroom in Minnesota.

Accessible bathroom remodel close-up of brushed silver grab bar.
Comfort height toilet in beautiful Minnesota home.

Comfort Height Toilets

We install comfort-height toilets in your accessible bathroom remodel in Minnesota for those who require a user-friendly bathroom experience.

Accessible Vanities

Stylish vanities with open knee spaces, allow wheelchair users to comfortably access the sink area.

White wheelchair accessible bathroom sink

There are numerous options to add or consider when you are looking to do an accessible bathroom remodel in Minnesota. A few other items to think about are replacing slippery tiles with non-stick flooring. You can incorporate non-stick materials without compromising on the visual appeal of your bathroom. Finally, adding a wider doorway and an adjustable showerhead can make your accessible bathroom remodel in Minnesota a true success. Remember too that while mobility friendly bathrooms are our top request, we offer a wide array of services and can work with you simultaneously on multiple projects to help you get your home to where you need it.

Contact Venture Mobility for an expert consultation as you’re considering mobility friendly bathroom designs. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and preferences. Transforming your bathroom into an accessible haven begins with a conversation. Contact us for a personalized consultation, and let us help you create a bathroom that combines functionality, safety, and timeless design.

Get started on your accessible bathroom remodel today with a free assessment. Call #763-438-0218.

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