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Handicap Kitchens

Middle aged man in wheelchair is opening his oven placed in an easy to open position in his kitchen

Transforming Kitchens for Inclusive Living: Handicap Kitchen Remodel Services

Venture Mobility specializes in handicap kitchen remodels in Minnesota, and we build kitchens that are meticulously designed to foster independence and convenience. We are passionate about ensuring the heart of your home is a welcoming space for everyone.

Venture Mobility has the expertise to install:

Accessible Countertops

Customized countertops at varying heights to accomodate different mobility needs.

Roll-Under Sinks

Sinks designed with open space underneath to allow wheelchairs to comfortably approach.

Wide Aisles and Open Layouts

Kitchen spaces with wide aisles and an open layout to accommodate mobility aids,

Adjustable Cabinets

Installation of cabinets with adjustable shelves and pull-out features for easy reach.

Level-Handled or Automatic Faucets

Installation of lever-handled or automatic faucets enhances usability.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Integration of smart technologies for hands-free control of lights, appliances, and more.

At Venture Mobility, we believe in creating kitchens where memories are made, and everyone can actively participate in the joy of cooking and gathering. We bring decades of experience to providing handicap kitchen remodels in Minnesota, and listen in-depth to our customers needs on every customized build. Let us help you build that kitchen of your dreams, and check out our other services to see how we can make your home a place that provides independence and freedom.

Whether you want to demo your existing kitchen and completely rebuild it or you simply want to add some wheelchair accessible appliances to provide more ease of use in your current kitchen, contact Venture Mobility today.

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