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Blake Eckman

Blake Eckman is the dedicated proprietor of Venture Mobility, a Minnesota-based company specializing in tailored home modifications catering to handicap accessibility requirements. Leveraging decades of carpentry and home construction expertise, he adeptly integrates universal design principles and accessibility standards into each project, empowering clients to reimagine their living spaces to align seamlessly with their unique mobility challenges.

As a seasoned business owner specializing in handicap accessible home remodeling, Blake possesses a wealth of expertise in navigating accessibility guidelines, spatial planning, and material selection. His firm grasp of universal design principles, coupled with strong communication skills, enables him to collaborate effectively with clients, ensuring their needs are met with precision and empathy. Blake’s problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and sensitivity to individual needs make him a trusted partner in creating home spaces that are not only accessible but also aesthetically pleasing and functional for all.

Blake’s expertise encompasses wheelchair ramp installations, handicap accessible bathroom remodels, kitchen modifications, doorway widening, automatic door openers, flooring adaptations, grab bar installations, smart home technology integration, home automation solutions, bedroom modifications, and pretty much anything related to home accessibility mobility needs.

When Blake isn’t managing Venture Mobility or installing a wheelchair accessible shower, you can find him enjoying outdoor adventures with his family, exploring scenic mountainous areas with them as they hike, camp, fish and travel throughout the country.

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