• Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm

Jake & Katie Morris

We unexpectedly had to replace our master bathroom floor due to water damage. Upon Blake’s inspection he quickly identified the root cause of the water damage. We were able to contact a plumber to address the leak so the issue would not be recurrent. We had many questions about the process of replacing affected materials- specifically pertaining to water damage and mold growth. He was so patient through our anxieties and listened to our concerns. It was very clear that he is a seasoned contractor. He made so many great suggestions about what type of materials work best in a bathroom environment with the potential to come into contact with moisture. While looking at samples of tile he shared his insight into the pitfalls of certain samples i.e. smooth tile may create a fall risk. Customer service may be dead in other sectors but Blake so clearly shines in this area and the quality of work speaks for itself. I would not hesitate to contact him should a need arise in the future.

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